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At SAI Financial Services, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of financial planning and investing.  Without trusted guidance and easy to understand advice, it's hard to feel confident in your financial future.  We seek to address these concerns by serving as a trusted resource.

As a premier independent Financial Services Company, we focus on creating customized strategies built on unbiased advice. Our process begins by working with each individual client in an organized and methodical manner.

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Our Services

Our services range from Financial Planning, to Investment Management. No matter what, our focus is always on you and your needs.


Financial Planning

We lead with solutions, not products. Through our comprehensive approach to financial planning, our goal is simple: to help you protect, preserve, and promote the growth of your assets.

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Investment Management

We offer transactional and fee based investment management, design and maintenance of a personalized portfolio, asset allocation, positioning, and ongoing due diligence of investments.

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Retirement Guidance

We help generate forward-thinking income strategies that include an analysis of your current and future income needs.

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Our Team

Jaclyn Cirelli | Marketing Associate | SAI Financial Services
HR Coordinator, Client Service Associate

Jaclyn has a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University in Hospitality Management
and minor in Business...

Fiona Anderson | Service Associate | SAI Financial Services
Relationship Manager, Client Service Associate

Originally from South Africa, she relies on her experience in corporate learning and development, organizational...

Operations Manager, Client Service Associate

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in Psychology and is passionate about helping people. She...

Client Service Associate

Charlie has recently graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning and a...

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Susie specializes in social media, marketing, and website management for SAI Financial. Susie has been with our company...

What Our Clients Have to Say

Whether young or old, and whatever financial status you find yourself in, every one needs financial

For the last 16 years or so I consider myself very fortunate to have entrusted my retirement assets to SAI
Financial Services. For all those years Jeff Scheithe and his staff have been more than just financial advisors. They have
become friends whom I trust to handle my assets wisely.

I have also benefitted from their advice in personal family matters.

All these years I have been meeting on a quarterly basis face to face, sometimes accompanied by my
wife, with Jeff and others among his staff. Scheduling for these meetings have never been a problem and during these meetings
I never felt rushed or given the impression my time was up.

As time went on, I also commend Jeff for expanding his staff with these wonderful associates: Michael
Cirelli, Jaclyn Cirelli, Fiona Anderson, Rachel Tobolski and Charles Mowery.

I highly recommend SAI Financial Services to anyone looking for advice in Investment and Asset planning,
Retirement planning and Long Term Care and Insurance among other investment disciplines.

In short, with SAI, you are in good hands with competent, knowledgeable, professional and, above all,
trustworthy people.


Robert De Falkenberg


I started working with Mike and his team in November of 2018. Having little to no financial strategy, I was looking for someone
to be my coach and help plan for my family’s future.

In the last 7 months Mike has provided value added feedback to our finances and has helped put us on the right plan to financial independence.
Everyone at the office is extremely welcoming and they are always a call or text away.

I’m not a millionaire, but I sure do feel like one when I come in the office.
Couldn’t recommend their services enough if you’re struggling with financial strategy and planning.


Matthew Burgos


Jeffrey and Michael are both very knowledgeable, open and straightforward in their dealings with us.
I trust their judgement, but they never assume anything.
I recommended them to my kids, and I recommend them to others as well.


Larry Glaser

Non compensated client testimonial; may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success.

What the Experts Have to Say

“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.”
Robert T. Kiyosaki

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exuper

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